Spring Break in Hawaii $149 Each Way

Spring Break in Hawaii $149 Each Way

January 10, 2012. If you’re hoping to making it to Hawaii for the upcoming Spring break, I’ve got some good news for you. You can do it on the cheap when traveling to all islands from both Northern and Southern California.

Historically, Spring break is one of the most expensive times to visit, when we see the fewest Hawaii travel deals. This year, Spring break takes place mostly from mid-March through mid-April. It is shaping up to be quite an unusual season, however, as I’m still finding a number of excellent airfare deals for these otherwise sky high dates.

San Diego to Honolulu or Kahului $149+

This is probably the best way for those in and around the Southern California area to get to Hawaii during Spring Break without breaking the bank.

  • Airline: Alaska Airlines
  • Availability: Excellent; most Kahului dates are $20 additional

San Jose to Kona, Lihue or Kahului $149+

This and the Oakland deals below are the two best bets for getting from Northern California to Hawaii for this year’s Spring break.

Oakland to Lihue or Kahului $149+

  • Airline: Alaska Airlines
  • Availability: Excellent; Lihue is $10 additional
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  1. trtlynn (2 years ago)

    Our Spring Break is April 7 -15 and the tickets are over $800. from just about everywhere and Maui.

    • Jeff (2 years ago)

      Hi Lynn,

      I’m not sure where you are flying from, but the deals we post are available at that time. Due to the nature of the industry, you cannot expect them to be there at a later time. Sometimes they disappear within a few hours. The airlines change their fares five times each weekday, so this is a cat and mouse game. People who subscribe to our VIP Alerts get the deals “pushed” to them immediately. You can also subscribe to free updates via email, Facebook, RSS or Twitter.



  2. Ane Takaha (2 years ago)

    I just saw that Hawaiian is introducing direct flights!
    Do you thing that will mean a sale for the Maui-LAX starting in June? Any idea when tickets will come available?

    • Jeff (2 years ago)

      Hi Ane,

      Nice to hear from you again.

      I think that given when the route starts, they aren’t planning on much of a sale, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any. When they introduced New York (which is an entirely different model), there was quite a sensational fare, as you’ll recall.



  3. James (2 years ago)

    Wash>and BC need the trips also

  4. James (2 years ago)

    Abbotsford never sees them anymore, washington and BC could use the trip also.

  5. Scott (2 years ago)

    When the heck is Portland going to start seeing these deals. The bay area has been getting all the love so far this year.