Hawaii Winter Weather


This week in Hawaii.

We are in the midst of another very cool and rainy winter week here in Hawaii.  The photo above is of the back yard, which develops a muddy winter river during these periods of heavy rain.  I’ve been hold up in the house with doors and windows closed.  At the moment, there is a flood watch in effect.

I felt compassion for the visitors who were on the flight from Seattle to Hawaii with me last week.  For while it is still definitely warmer here than in Seattle, it has been just as winter-gloomy for days.

Plan your vacation accordingly.

Just a reminder that when you are planning your Hawaii vacation, the traditionally rainy months are November and March.  When the winter rains occur, these conditions typically do not vary by island nor by which part of the island.  In other words, it is virtually just as rainy at Kona on the dry part of the Big Island today as it is at Hanalei on the frequently wet North Shore of Kauai.  It is still lush and beautiful here, and reasonably warm during the day.  But if you are a devoted sun-lover, I suggest you consider waiting until next month to come visit.

You can generally count on a few almost completely cloudy and rainy weeks during those months, and this week has been true to form.  Starting tomorrow, we are hopefully looking at more normal weather and trade wind conditions returning.


PS:  Our fair-weather mule is not happy about this weather.

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  1. girasoli (4 years ago)

    This has been the coldest windiest winter I can remember in many years. I usually use my down comforter for only about 5 nights a winter. This year I put my down comforter on my bed in January and have used it nightly until this past Thursday. Now the rain has begun. It is pouring here in Ewa right now. We need the rain but I hope we don’t have too many rainy days this March. I too always feel badly for tourists that save all their money to come here for a warm sunny vacation and end up spending many or all of their vacation days with bad weather. At least it is still warmer than most places on the mainland.